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Housing is the greatest need for women and children. Many have fled from abuse and are homeless, sleeping in cars.  Others are fresh out of jail or leaving other programs and need support in their process for long term recovery.

The Hoff Foundation operates three homes on Snohomish County that provide comprehensive wrap-around support services for 36 women who are escaping homelessness or are at a significant risk of homelessness. Life skills classes, recovery groups, and mentorship provide the foundation of our support services.


The Hoff Foundation is certified by the Washington Alliance of Quality Recovery Residences (WAQQR) Housing Program. These homes serve women who are in recovery from addiction and other circumstances in their lives that have led to them becoming homeless: this can be physical and sexual abuse, mental and physical disability, job loss, eviction - any chronic failure to thrive.

Each home has a mentor case manager that creates individual programs fro individual needs. The goal for each woman is self-sufficiency in a connected community that provides a sense of belonging these women may not have experienced in many years. 

To apply for our housing program, email or call us at our offices at (425) 512-0749.

(425) 512-0749

2936 Rockefeller Ave, Everett, WA 98201, USA

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